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Topics: Extractive industries policy and administration

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  • Sub-decree No. 35 on the organization and functioning of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy

    This sub-decree organizes the units of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy and defines the mission of the Ministry and the functions of the General Departments and Depart...

  • Circular No.001 on the suspension and revocation of mineral licenses

    This circular aims to inform all companies and businesspersons about the suspension or revocation of licenses issued under the conditions of Exploration or Exploitation Agreemen...

  • Current situation of mining industry in Cambodia

    This report show the current situation of mining industry in Cambodia from General Department of Mineral Resources of Cambodia published n 2013.

  • Key Features of Modern Petroleum Law and International Best Practices in Upstream Petroleum Industry for Stakeholder Sensitization

    This report reviews Cambodia’s existing petroleum regulatory regime; including the Petroleum Regulations 1991, the 2004 Model Petroleum Contract and the Environmental Law 1996 a...

  • Sub-decree No. 08 on determination of investment policy on all types of mineral resources

    All types of natural mineral resources are not allowed to be exported, those minerals are kept to supply the needs of local factories for processing into finished products. Only...

  • Petroleum Act, B.E. 2514 (1971)

    This Act shall apply to the operation of petroleum business throughout the Kingdom.

  • The Law amending the Myanmar Mines Law

    This is the law amending the Myanmar Mines Law

  • Contract Transparency Workshop of MEITI

    This is the report of Contract Transparency workshop held by Myanmar Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MEITI) and Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) on De...

  • Department of Geological Survey and Mineral Explorer

    Archived webpage showing overview of role of DGSE.

  • Jade: Myanmar's "Big State Secret"

    Drawing on over a year of investigations, this report shows for the first time how a multi-billion dollar trade in one of the planet’s most precious gemstones is tightly control...

  • EITI Report for the Period April 2013-March 2014 Oil, Gas and Mining Sectors

    This report summarises information about the reconciliation of fiscal and non-fiscal revenues from the extractive sector in Myanmar as part of the implementation of the Extracti...

  • Myanmar EITI Factsheet

    This factsheet contained information on Myanmar EITI sector

  • Jade A Global Witness investigation into Myanmar's "Big State Secret"

    The most valuable jade in the world is found in the Kachin hills of northern Myanmar. This 12 month investigation reveals it is worth far more than previously thought - up to U...

  • The Myanmar Mines Law

    Myanmar Mines Law stipulates types of permits for various mining activities. The Objectives of Myanmar Mines Law are: ◦ To implement the mineral resource policy of the Governm...

  • The Myanmar Gemstone Law

    The objectives of this Law are as follows:- (a) to establish and develop a hundred percent gemstone andss jewellery market within the country in respect of gemstone produced in...

  • The State-owned Economic Enterprises Law

    The State-Owned Economic Enterprises Law (enacted 1989) outlined that the government of Myanmar retains exclusive rights to conduct business in certain sectors. The law allows l...

  • The Nature of Environmental Fee

    This dataset has no description

  • Mining - Development - Environment: Gaps between theory and practice

    This dataset has no description

  • Góp ý dự thảo quyết định cải tạo, phục hồi môi trường và ký quỹ CT, PHMT đối với khai khoáng 2012

    Góp ý của Trung tâm Con người và Thiên nhiên (PanNature) cho bản dự thảo lần 2 Quyết định về cải tạo, phục hồi môi trường và ký quỹ cải tạo, phục hồi môi trường đối với hoạt độn...

  • Đánh giá hiệu quả KT-XH, phân chia lợi ích và quản lý nguồn thu trong khai thác titan 2013

    Báo cáo nghiên cứu tập trung vào các kết quả ban đầu về hiệu quả kinh tế - xã hội trong hoạt động khai thác titan ở Bình Định, đồng thời phác họa bức tranh về phân chia lợi ích ...

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