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  • International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

    The States Parties to the present Covenant, Considering that, in accordance with the principles proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations, recognition of the inherent d...

  • Greater Mekong Subregion Distribution of Mangroves; Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar

    This dataset shows the distribution of mangrove forests, derived from earth observation satellite imagery for the Greater Mekong Subregion including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam ...

  • Law table containing metadata options for law forms

    Dataset containing a series of CSV resources containing re-usable data exposed over the datastore api for the ODI law metadata forms.

  • List of Languages with 2-digit codes (ISO 639-1)

    The dataset contains a list of ISO 639-1 standardized nomenclature classification of languages relevant to the ODM platform.

  • Laos’ Dam Disaster May Not Be Its Last

    This is an archived webpage of an article on the Attapeu dam disaster from The Diplomat.

  • News of Laos Dam Failure Didn’t Reach Them, but the Water Did

    This is an archived webpage of an article on the lack of information for Laotians during the 2018 dam failure.

  • South-east Asia: Drought - 2015-2017

    This archived webpage gives a description of the Southeast Asia drought crisis in 2015-2017.

  • Southeast Asia: Drought - 2019-2020

    This archived webpage describes an ongoing drought crisis in Southeast Asia that began in 2019 (as at March 2020)

  • Humanitarian health action - Definitions: Emergencies

    This is an archived webpage of WHO definitions of health emergencies.

  • Northern Thailand was once a paradise. Now forest fires have made the air worse than Beijing’s.

    This is an archived webpage of an article on the fires in Thailand in 2019.

  • Thailand: Floods and Landslides - Aug 2019

    This is an archived webpage of a description of the 2019 floods and landslides in Thailand.

  • Viet Nam: Floods and Landslides - Jun 2019

    This is an archived webpage on the floods and landslides in Vietnam in June 2019.

  • Lao PDR/Cambodia: Floods - Jul 2018

    This is an archived webpage of a description of floods in Lao PDR and Cambodia in 2018 July.

  • Daily Food Prices (Global)

    Value chain disruptions are expected to trigger sudden price changes and increase in price volatility. This is data from the FAO Daily Prices pages which monitors consumer price...

  • Sustainable Development Report 2020: The Sustainable Development Goals and COVID-19

    The Sustainable Development Report 2020 (SDR2020) presents some early thoughts on the Covid-19 crisis and the future of sustainable development.

  • Risks of Belt and Road Initiative Projects in ASEAN

    This paper mainly analyzes the three most salient risks, namely fiscal risk, governance risk and environmental risk host countries of BRI might confront. First, the implementati...

  • GIDA-RDA COVID-19 Guidelines for Data Sharing Respecting Indigenous Data Sovereignty

    The Indigenous Data Guidelines set out the minimum requirements for Indigenous-designed data approaches and standards, inclusive of Indigenous rights to data governance and deci...

  • Company registration

    A list of companies that are invested or have interest in investments within the five Lower Mekong Countries that ODM focuses on.

  • State of Knowledge: Women and Rivers in the Mekong Region

    This State of Knowledge: Women and Rivers in the Mekong Region highlights women’s contributions - both actual and potential - to better governance, social, and environmental out...

  • Millions face job loss as employment market feels COVID-19 effects

    This is a web archive describing COVID-19 impacts on Vietnam labour market in multiple sectors